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The trusted name in headwear manufacturing since 1974

Dada is one of world's leading headwear vendors working with
reputable brands including Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, and Puma to name a few.

We take utmost pride in delivering the best quality headwear and dedicated customer service.

Ultimately, our goal is to put a smile on our customers' face.
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Have you ever wondered where hats you wear come from?
Ever wondered about the bottom of the supply chain?

We care deeply about the people that make our products,
promoting fair labor practices and safe working conditions.
Owning 10+ factories in South East Asia region,
we are passionate about bringing both socially and environmentally
sustainable business practices to the industry supply chain.

thepatternparadise.com It's transparency all the way down when working with us.


Custom Hats

Create your custom, private label headwear:

Dada is one of world's largest vendors of custom, private label headwear. Since 1974, Dada has been manufacturing headwear for many reputable brands including Adidas, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenzo and more*. Dada has gained a reputation as the premier headwear manufacturer,
shaping the headwear industry by introducing innovative products and techniques on the market.


Our Work

A big Super Bowl fan?
Then, you may have noticed the beaming championship hats
the proud Aaron Rodgers or Eli Manning had on their moment of victory.
Those Reebok® Super Bowl® Champions Trophy Collection hats
were manufactured by Dada using our U.S. Patented Technology Weldone™.

Although you may have heard about us as the largest sports cap manufacturer,
sports cap is not our only specialty.
We have helped our clients expand their product lines by offering
washed caps, snapbacks, bucket hats, knitted hats and more.


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Richard Byun - Director, Head of Sales Division


9, Seolleung-ro 118-gil,
thepatternparadise.com Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea